If you are searching for a way to give back or make your life more meaningful, the Crispin Mwakamui Memorial Foundation is looking for you!

The Just One Initiative…

Our goal with the Just One Initiative is to connect caring individuals such as yourself, with orphaned or under privileged talented  students who require a little extra help with achieving their basic primary education—as well as their secondary education. We also assist with connecting orphans with caring individuals to improve the quality of their lives by fulfilling their basic needs.

If your goal is only to donate to the cause and/or connect individually directly, feel free to do so. The Just One initiative’s aim to help individuals realize that connecting with just one other person in the world (who needs a helping hand) and impact them positively will have a ripple effect.

Sponsor a Student

We encourage our sponsors to do more than improve access to education through financial contributions of whatever amount you can comfortably afford—but to truly connect and build a lasting lifelong relationship with the student you sponsor.

The students in need of sponsorship are most often selected by their educators, based on factors such as their performance, grades, and limited access to ongoing education.

The Best Way To Connect And To Help Just OneOne of the best way to connect with a student who needs to improve their access to education, is to begin by contacting your local schools or alma mater. In most cases they will gladly connect you with a student in need.

Sponsor an Orphan

Orphanages in your local area, throughout your country, and around the world are always in need. You can help by sponsoring one child on an ongoing basis, providing them increased access to food, clothing, and other necessities. However, you can also provide financial assistance, toys, and donations of other necessities that can be shared by all of the children within the orphanage.

You do not need to be wealthy to give, and even if you cannot afford to give on a monthly basis—your contribution will make a difference in the life of a student who needs you!

Sponsoring just one student or orphan will create a ripple effect that will live on for generations to come!

Although we as a foundation have access to orphans in need, we also understand and see the value of encouraging people to do this on their own. We often here of others who prefer to help people in their local communities instead of helping in foreign communities. Well, here is your chance if you are that person. Start making a difference in a person in need’s life today. Sometimes all one needs is a strangers help to set them off on a path to their “life’s work”.

501 (c) (3) Foundation

The Crispin Mwakamui Memorial Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible as provided by the law. Consult your tax advisor regarding questions about your deductions.

Make a One-Time Donation or Become a Monthly Donor.

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